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Research interests of BMLVS in the project

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The Command Support Center (FüUZ) is a central service organisation of the Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH). It provides the Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports (BMLVS) and the Austrian Armed Forces interoperable, safe, and innovative army command support and IT services, both for the use in Austria and abroad, as well as for administration activities.

One cannot imagine the daily office routine without a performant internet connection or communication via email. Avoiding unintentional transfer of classified information through these communication channels is a big concern.

The usage of external data storage and mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.) implies the risk of bringing classified information into circulation in case of loss or theft of the devices. This risk can only be reduced by data loss prevention mechanisms (DLP), as well as by encoding the classified information. Next to DLP and in the context of using internet and email the implementation of efficient malware protection mechanisms is an essential component of safe IT systems and information.

The Command Support Center wants to contribute to the OpenSecurity project because DLP and protective measures against malware play an important role in the context of infrastructure. The security solutions developed in the project could be partially or wholly implemented in future IT systems.

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