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Malware and Threat Protection in OpenSecurity

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OpenSecurity defines a process that allows users to communicate with non-institutional networks by means of cryptography and virtualised isolation, as well as malware and threat classification.

IKARUS Security Software GmbH is a member of the OpenSecurity team and is primarily responsible for classification of data. For this IKARUS employs its own proprietary key technology for malware and threat detection. In addition to classification technologies OpenSecurity also employs IKARUS server applications developed for the scalable and highly performant server area.

OpenSecurity is a system with very modular design, which convinces by isolation and encapsulation. In addition to these design aspects it is a project goal to use primarily Open Source products to reduce integration costs. While IKARUS cannot license their products with an open license, they do support the integration of IKARUS software products with Open Source environments.

IKARUS sustains OpenSecurity with their technologies and know-how gained in more than 25 years’ experience in the sector. Due to the defined communication process OpenSecurity is complementary to conventional IKARUS products and adds the existing portfolio. IKARUS sees following benefits for institutions employing OpenSecurity:

1.    Less effort due to centrally administrated scanning of devices;

2.    Safe interaction with the internet without fear of being infected;

3.    Minimal use of resources by client devices;

4.    Low integration costs due to the Open Source approach.

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